Framing the Ocean

     Although in the art community there is an understanding that whatever work produced, whether it be a screenplay or song, leads to the progress of the world in some way – those not in the clique of creative minds may view a sculpture or interpretative dance as nothing more than entertainment. However, when one man takes the step to make a portion of the ocean his stage, it not only expands who his audience is but also changes the world we live in. The revolutionary artwork that I found from artist Jason deCaires Taylor served up a perfect remedy. His human-like statues in a salt-tinged environment made me feel right at home. In the West Indies, specifically in Grenada, Taylor revealed his newest installation – Silent Evolution – little more than a year ago. There are hundreds of statues with mirror-like resemblances to humanity from an underwater community. From the photographs of a man on a bicycle to a teenager admiring a pot with coral, I realized that art could be discovered in unexpected ways. The part that most impressed this modern-day reformist was the fact that this ongoing, underwater museum positively affects the ocean’s health. Since 2007, Taylor’s yearly installments have acted as an artificial coral reef. If not already, in a few more years his grey statues will literally be crawling with color as they host homes to fish. Through his exhibit, which will last a lifetime, Taylor sends an innovative message to the world. In every sculpture he proves that art transforms the world intellectually and physically. By renovating the oceans he produces an expansion of oceanic life.

      Prompt: In a poem, no more than one page long, describe a place you never thought of as being transformed into a work of art.


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