Addicted to the Limelight

A few months ago when Wild Ones spread like wildfire through the radio stations, I became obsessed. The sugar sweet pitch that Sia provided throughout Flo Rida’s rap became the perfect concoction to any summer day. As my obsession took over, I searched through videos and photographs. The end result was defiantly not what I had expected. Due to Sia not wanting to perform live, it seems as though she signed off the rights for Flo Rida to have a girl lip-sing on stage. I took a quick peek on the duo’s performance on the Ellen show and noted how Sia’s replacement never matched the pitch, but did mesmerize audiences with the swing of her hips. In photographs of the girl and Flo Rida on stage, only Flo Rida’s name appeared. As I dug through more websites, it became evident that although the girl was present she was anonymous by name. What this led me to think was how much would one woman do to have literally her five-minutes of fame without name recognition for later on?   As fun times come and go, it seems as though more women exchange their dignity to have a taste of the limelight. Despite the ridicule that these women receive they persevere to have their appearance. They “wing it” by being the moment’s artificial flavor. Now, as in most cases, there are always two parties at fault. As much as the young woman stepping in for Sia might not be as talented – who is at fault, her or the media? Although Sia’s quirky wardrobe doesn’t match with Flo Rida’s gold chains, appearances shouldn’t trump talent. As consumers, we have the ultimate power to advocate what we want from our million-dollar performers and one of those necessities on the check list for the next chart topping number should be talent – not trend.

 Prompt: In a fiction piece of no more than 600 words, allow a character to lose themselves in a crowd and when they reappear, decide if they have changed and if so, into what.


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