Behind the Gucci Shades

On Bravo channel’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion a confirmation stunned the nation. Taylor Armstrong, a women who is forty, confirmed the news that her ex-husband had beaten her. She went into a detailed anecdote of how her once husband, Russell Armstrong, molded her into a woman that today she no longer recognizes. She gave insight to a typical afternoon in her household when she was married – falling under Russell’s reprimands and pleading with him to just knock her out unconscious, so it would be over.

            The confession led to a dispute whether an ordeal as private as what occurs within ones home should be shared during a time when tragedy strikes. Taylor a widow with two children filed for divorce, and two weeks later Russell committed suicide. Some have questioned Taylor’s timing, including some of her cast mates. However, it is ironic for her other cast mates to point and discriminate against revealing a deeper side to the glamorous life in Beverly Hills when they all participate and get paid for  putting their private lives on a weekly show. Besides when one out of every four women suffers from an abusive relationship, the public – no matter their financial background – can sympathize and relate more to a woman who rises above the millions and admits a fault in her life. When that fault can relate to millions of women worldwide, a show that only captures a millionaire’s lifestyles transforms into something more.

Prompt: Take an icon, whether a cartoon character or a historical figure, and have them say in a monologue no more than 500 words something that no one would have expected.


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