In the new reality TV show by Bravo, Vanderpump Rules, the essence of stereotypical high school scenarios transcends into Sur, a restaurant deemed for the elite. There, the female waiting staff has the same maturity as a tween going through puberty. Enter the newbie, Scheana Marie, and the popular-Regina-George-clone, Stassi Schnoeder. Marie’s past of having an affair for eight months with a married man bubbles to the surface. Schnoeder then shuns the new teammate as a black sheep.

What is evident is how the cast, all legally adults who pay their own rent, behave like children. They ultimately burn the curtain that separates those teenagers still living with their parents and reveals that there is no mystery – there is no difference in personality. There are still the jealous popular girls who hunger for the attention they miss from home. There are still those awkward moments of shifting into place for people in new environments, within its first episode Vanderpump Rules has excelled typical artificial drama. It shows a reality that isn’t scripted.

Perhaps there is no metamorphosis with the person that you are before college and the one you become after – only the situation shifts and like a butterfly needing to survive in a new environment, most people try to camouflage their colors to survive. And such as Marie’s regrets after her affair, it makes one ponder that maybe change and development of character doesn’t come with age but with living life itself. It comes when any given scenario forces a breath of new life into a person making them choose whether to adapt, grow and survive or flounder under the weight of inexperience. That is why the gleam of innocence and childish petties can linger in the eyes of those in their late-twenties, for example such as the cast of Vanderpump Rules, because they have yet to taste the pressures of the real world. They have yet to burst from a narrow-minded cocoon.


Prompt: In a non-ficiton story no more than 500 words, write about the time that made you transform from a child to an adult.


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