De-Stressing News

Let me give you a setting. You’re a few hours short of meeting a deadline. Your heart has been on a treadmill set on steep incline for the past week, you can barely swallow anything for fear of your nerves getting the better of you and despite pulling all-nighters your task at hand is barely finished. Enter: Your friends. They are a community within themselves – a family which you choose and that, depending on how close you are, can know you better than your own blood. Before hope disappears completely from your being, they help direct the traffic that has clogged your brain.
While in the moment, there is little time to analyze why friendship in and of itself minimizes a mountain-like burden to one as feasible as to the size of an ant, there does exist chemicals within the body working behind the scenes. The hormone oxytocin is released any time the body is under a lot of stress. This encourages a person to bond. According to research done by a Professor at the University of Cambridge, Terri Apter, she says that the fact that people are instinctively encouraged to bond when they are stressed equals relief. Whether or not those friends take matters into their own hands is not the point. Just the warmth, humor, and goodwill of those around helps the body relax. Those few minutes not spent on the project, allow for a refreshed feeling once the person returns to finishing up. A matter which seemed impossible an hour ago, once after a visiting the peanut gallery, that good feeling lasts and restores a positive outlook.
From an article composed by Lauren Dzubow for O magazine, shows through sickness and in health the benefits that come from de-stressing whether through catching lunch with a friend or a “quick” phone call. A bit of chatter can go a long way.

Prompt: In a poem of no more than 30 lines, describe a friendship within the terms of a garden party.



2 responses to “De-Stressing News”

  1. serafimafedorova says :

    Hi my name is Sima,and i absolutely ADORE your blog. It gave me so many great ideas. You are a spoonful of creativity. I wrote a poem for your prompt. Here it is 🙂

    Tea for Two

    I have sugar glazed smiles
    reserved for the days
    we spend sipping
    unsweetened peach ice tea.

    You take out
    your ceramic teacups
    and we sit in the summer garden
    nibbling on stale gingersnaps
    and the leftover rose jam.

    Our hearts were made
    for milk and honey diets.
    always escaped
    our compasses.

    But beyond the door that leads
    outside this paradise,
    is another story
    we must be brave enough
    to learn our roles there, too.

    • spellbindinglove says :

      This is a brilliant piece! Thank you so much for posting it. If this is just one piece, I can’t imagine the rest that are just waiting to be read on your blog. I am officially hooked. You can count on me to follow you.

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