Take Five

It’s only lunch by the time you reach for your first Coca-Cola, second Red Bull, or third cup of coffee. Your energy is shriveling at the rate it takes your pen to fall from your desk. Rather than swallow a Whopper or toss a bag of Skittles into your mouth for a quick burst of energy, what your body yearns for is a natural way of re-energizing – a nap.
Studies from the National Sleep Foundation show that more companies are progressively separating off rooms and leaving in comfortable chairs so their employees can take a rest they desperately deserve. According to a Forbes article, Some are even taking inventory of “Sleeping Pods” that range from $700 to $13,000. These comfortable bed-like seats have extra cushion and can vibrate and wake the person up at the designated time inputted. However, sometimes not even these neat gadgets can convince a workaholic to snooze.
If you’re feeling guilty about taking some time for yourself, you are not alone. Whether it’s the fact that your job is your life’s passion or your just trying to make end’s meat, Americans in general are committed to clocking in their hours. More likely than not, if the boss insinuates that a meeting will be later than usual the plans for dinner on a Friday night fly out of the window. If an assignment is shy of finishing touches by the time midnight has come around, you’ll pull in the extra hours to get it just right. While these spur of the moments oblige you to stay up longer than usual, making these scenarios a habit isn’t good for your health. With a few extra minutes of resting, not only will your body feel better but you will also. With a good night’s rest or a nap midday, the body contains lower blood pressure and your mind is better refreshed for problem-solving.
Another point workaholics must consider is that the hours that the workplace require now-in-days has skyrocketed. Never have people in the United States collectively put in more time at work. With the threat of people losing their jobs because they want to make it to the dinner table on time rather than pull another all-nighter at the office, the least CEO’s can do is help their employees work better.
With executives from the Huffington Post and Google instilling these restful opportunities, it leads by example what companies from around the country need to do.

Prompt: Write a poem no longer than twenty lines where you describe a scenario that takes five minutes.


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