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Sleepless in the Workforce

A few days ago an overwhelming sense of frustration melted over me like scorching hot water. Throughout the day I barked orders at people and glared at those who weren’t co-operating. Let me just clarify that this is not who I am. Ask any friend, family or – plainly put – a random person who lives within my community and I am 99.9% positive that they’ll say that the young adult is a sweetheart and a bit of a romantic and ponder about where’ve I’ve been and if I can help them with something. When the next day came, I talked to a friend who is a talking encyclopedia for everything medicine. I described my symptoms, the weariness and struggle that it is to get up in the morning and the work overload. She said that more sleep was the only cure.
Being a workaholic, I have heard this a million times. From my grandmother to my closest friends I’ve been given the lecture as to how a four hour slumber is not considered a good night’s rest. But yet I am addicted to finishing the proposals, getting to work on time and finishing an A+ quality paper. The crutches I use to reboot my low-energy are two hour naps, devouring any sugary-snack in sight and – when my eyes are red and creaking shut – a Coca-Cola. The following day’s results are nothing to be proud of. I can barely concentrate on the task at hand, I am as easily irritated as a dog that hasn’t been out in two days and am more exhausted. While work is my first priority, the scare tactics (or terrifying plausible realities) that my friend revealed jumped sleep from the last spot to the first on my to-do list.
While baggy eyes can be hidden with make-up, seizures are not something you can easily hide. Due to lack of sleep your body can go through a seizure or epilepsy. The eyes can roll back, foam drenches the mouth and the heart beats at a rapid rate. The possibility frightened me. Never did I think that a trend of skipping sleep can lead to such a terrifying result. However, the starting point and the end result need a bridge. Meaning: Nothing goes from frankly terrifying someone to them never doing it again. There needs to be ladder to help you get there.
So I composed a simple list of what workaholics should work on to get to bed earlier: 1) Skip on the empty calories such as candy and chocolate, instead reach for a fruit or veggie. 2) Stop milling around, chatting and wasting time. Use the free moments that you have to finish the task instead of going on YouTube and finding a music video. 3) While we may be health conscious, we need to put thoughts into actions. Take at least two to three days to exercise. If you do a work out for three hours minimum per week, the body will bring in more oxygen thus helping the body feel less stress and breathe better.
The one clause to this new reform that needs revision is the typical rejection to sodas. A scatter of one can per month, exclusively left for emergencies, will be left as the exception.

Prompt: Write a 500 word monologue in which the character discusses their vice.


Between the Lines

In honor of October’s spa month I’m taking a closer inspection at how women “relax”. During this month women flee to high-end spas when a regular price is chopped by 50 to 75 percent. Some people may say – to each woman her own sense of youth – but when a bamboo screen is replaced by a metal door and the product offered isn’t a message but laser or Botox, it’s difficult to comprehend how women choose to spend their free time trying to hide away their badge of wisdom.
Especially in Miami, a city that is famous for South Beach’s nightlife and youthful, beach-life essence, has gone through

Illustrated by Stephanie Khan

some major transitions. Once a wide-spectrum of spas made a day of relaxing by the water and sipping cucumber water. Now, with the obsession that sixty year olds should fit into leather pants and be among the wrinkle-free population, spas have changed their platter of services to give demographic what they want.
However, why is it that rather than easing a knot between their shoulders, women prefer to clench the doctor’s seat as a needle bee stings their wrinkles, numbing their face into a mask? While the majority of those who lean towards the Botox mania are in their thirties through sixties, the mentality that leads to paying hundreds of dollars per treatment begins at adolescence. While girls in junior high scrutinize themselves in the mirror for growing into one size larger than their friends, their minds jump to believing the worst about themselves. Instead of acknowledging the coming-of-age of puberty, insecurities cling like weeds. When they grow old enough to get treatment they feel as though it’s their chance to erase what they think are imperfections, when in reality it’s just what makes them unique.

Prompt: In a non-fiction piece, between 500 to 1,000 words, share a moment in which you didn’t have to say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall…” to know that you were beautiful.