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Letter of Apology

After the scandal regarding Jay-Z and Beyonce visiting Cuba for their fifth wedding anniversary, it was impressive the letter that Phil Lord, Hollywood director of movies such as 21 Jump Street, published in the Huffington Post. It brought up an awareness of the current situation in the tropical island while reprimanding the two celebrities’ actions. While Jay-Z and Beyonce hide under the protection of the Treasury Department and their excuse that they did have permission, it still does not answer why they would want to visit a Communist country which has unresolved issues with the United States. No matter their reason, it makes audiences all around the world perplexed as to why other musicians such as Pitbull are pardoning the visit.
No matter the social status, people should be aware of the current situation. They should understand that, as Lord mentioned in his letter, any money which is regulated into the country goes back out as a way to control its’ citizens. Those that do visit should strictly go for personal matters, such as visitations with family. Other wise, money and time which is spent on the island is used by the government as propaganda to enforce their regime.
Other than visiting the country for humanitarian work or visits with family on the island, those who have spent time on the tropical island to relax and explore should own up to an apology. In Cuba thousands of “criminals” are thrown into already crowded prisons, prisons which are filled with those fighting for their freedom and for their country which they can barely recognize. While celebrities such as Jay-Z, Beyonce and Pitbull condone a few hours spent on Playa Giron or Varadero they should stand by their lyrics of strength and standing up for what’s right instead of bluff. With an apology, they can recognize their own faults and move on. They can show that even multi-million dollar rappers make mistakes. They can teach the world a lesson in humility.
After more than 20 million Cubans left behind their home in the eras of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, it would be a shame for humanity to disregard the struggles of a country still shattered under an unjust government.