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January Blues

For me it was a note. A single letter from a friend refreshed the overwhelming juggle of swinging into January. Each word squeezed a tang of lemon and spring water to rejuvenate my persona. In the thirty minutes that I had abandoned my journal to pay attention to a presentation, she had written me a message on a random page to find later on in the week when I was pondering upon ideas for an article. This alone changed how I see the first leap into a new year.
At times it is easy to feel like a book with a bland cover. It feels as though by the end of January one is washed out. With the overload of getting back into the rhythm of work and eagerness to check off all your resolutions from a list meant to last 12 months and not just one, it can be stressful. Almost as if you were a brightly colored, freshly purchased blouse announcing the coming of spring; over time, after wearing it with beaming enthusiasm the bright hue of blue washes out to dismal grey.
This by no means calls for men to wallow in bars nor for women to lock themselves in the bathroom peering at the scale with a cloud of depression hovering over them. What it should stand for is celebrating the ‘before’ picture while transforming into the ‘new’. So many times it is easy to lose ourselves under the scrutiny of others or under our own comparison to another friend or family member. It forces us to snap back into the present, forgetting the gleam of how we could be if we did this or that. Instead of focusing on the ‘if’s’, it’s important to care and remember for the person who ‘is’. Whether an RSVP at a favorite restaurant or a day at the spa is you calling, reflection should be spontaneous and personal. Just as Elizabeth Gilbert said, “Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend”.

Prompt: In a poem with no more than 22 lines, write a letter to the person you were last January.